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22Feb 21

Soaring Price Tag Of Quality Sleep: Finding A Bargain

Before our move, we struggled for a long time with the question: "Can you put a price on a good night's sleep?". I think I have found the right price tag. After sleeping years on hand-me-downs, I believed it was about time to get something decent as we approach life with 3. But the prices brought me nightmares instead of blissful dreams.
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17Feb 21

6 Modest DIY Home Improvements For A 1-Year House stay

Moving. It's such a fun activity, especially with a baby on the way. We are now well into our fourth week of slowly moving things out of our tiny 40m² apartment and into my late grandmother's house. Besides looking into what to get for our little girl, we also prepare my grandmother's house so that it's to our taste when we finally settle in. Of course, we won't be putting in a new kitchen or completely redo wallpaper, but we make 6 inexpensive home improvements to make this old house (build in the '60s) somewhat modern.
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