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30Jul 20
Cofinimmo Vs Aedifica: Which Healthcare REITs Is Better?
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Cofinimmo vs Aedifica: Which Healthcare REITs is better?

The health care sector is at the center of the Corona pandemic. Especially in Belgium where during the first wave, elderly care centers got hit hard. Luckily, after a bit of delay, the situation stabilized and the worst was over. It also didn't impact the rental payments too much as both healthcare REITs Aedifica and Cofinimmo kept receiving rent. So, both healthcare REITs seem to be solid amidst this continuing chaos but are either one of them better than the other?
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21Jul 20
Buying A First Home: Pay Attention To These Costs
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Buying a first home: pay attention to these costs

Having gone through the process of buying my own home I wanted to share all the costs that came with this crazy adventure. There are a lot of costs associated with getting your first home, whether it's a house or apartment. I was quite honestly a little surprised by all the paperwork and meetings that come with it. This overview should cover the majority of costs, both recurring and one-time for both the notary and the bank. 
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