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Fight To FIRE was started by me, Mr.FightToFIRE, in 2018, a young IT professional working for a financial institution in Brussels.

I knew I wanted more than just a 9-to-5 but at the time I didn’t know how, what, when, or where. Basically, I was lost.

While searching Google, I stumbled upon some Belgian blogs about reaching Financial Independence. They made me realize for the first time what it was that I was looking for. Up until then I was saving and trying to get rich quick.

Check out my about page for more details about how I started. Want to get in touch? Reach me through the contact page. And are you looking for my archive? Go right ahead.

About me

Want to learn more about my past and how I stared? Read more about me.

Contact me

Contact me if you have any questions about the blog


Read every single post I ever wrote in my archive. Be warned, there are over 200 posts.
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