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I started this personal blog to put my thoughts about Financial Independence/Retire Early (FIRE) in one place while I meander through life in my home country Belgium together with my wife in our small 40m² apartment.
By putting my progress online, I hope to help myself and you, my compatriot on this journey to Financial Independence, reach FIRE.

Ever since I started my professional carrier in 2012, I dreamed of being able to become financially independent at an early age. But Unfortunately, I have yet to achieve Financial Independence and Retire Early. Even though I haven’t reached it yet, by fighting on, I wish to reach FIRE by 45 at the latest.

This is where the blog comes in. It serves two purposes:
First, it allows me to put my thoughts and (investments) goals in writing which should help me with decision making.
The second purpose is to provide a different view on how to achieve FI in Europe. There are already amazing sites available such as Mr. Money Mustache, Think Save Retire, or Root of Good.
These blogs give excellent advice on FIRE and how to approach it, but they have an American point of view that doesn’t always apply to me or fellow Belgian or European FIRE aficionados. On the other hand, you have a limited amount of European blogs. For this reason, I hope I can add something meaningful like NoMoreWaffles, Dividend Cake, and a few other blogs.

Now you know where I come from and why I’m here. You are more than welcome to keep me company and see where we end up. Don’t hesitate to contact me to help me broaden my horizon on FIRE, provide improvements on how I should write something or just anything you think can help me.

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