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Wallet With Euro Coins

My monthly Savings Rate report: March 2021

March turned out to be a good month for my Savings Rate.  While on the expenses side I spend a lot on the home and ownership part and again on food, I also received a nice extra on the income side thanks to evening deployments for work. I ended up doing a bit of work between 1 am and 3 am.

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Apartment progress: 30%; finally above ground!

Delays are normal in life. A train that’s delayed because the machinist overslept, bad weather causing you to get stuck in traffic and arrive late at work.
A lot of them are due to circumstance and you can’t do much about them. However, my apartment that only now has reached ground level clearly didn’t just have delays due to Force Majeure from Corona.

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Startling Extra Costs To Get A Better Turnkey Apartment

While we are crawling closer to the delivery date of our baby girl (27 May), there is another delivery that is causing more headaches: my heavily delayed turnkey apartment.
Progress is being made of course, but at the current speed, I shouldn’t expect a delivery sooner than March 2022. Given these delays, I was startled when I recently received a mail about the fit and finish of my delayed turnkey apartment. My shock continued when I saw the standard finish and how much they charge for extras.

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Buying And Selling Second-hand Online In Belgium

With a baby on the way, there is a lot of clothes, furniture, and just “stuff” we have to get to properly prepare for her arrival in May. While this could be an endeavor that goes into the thousands of euros, there is a way to keep it manageable.

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Wallet With Euro Coins

My monthly Savings Rate report: February 2021

2021 really kicked into high gear this month. While we didn’t go on holiday due to Corona, we did make rather large expenses for something life-changing. I’m talking about the baby of course.
In February I made two large purchases for her arrival. We bought the stroller and the car seat. Especially the car seat is not something you want to save on. Next to that, there was also the second payment for our new bed. 3 big expenses means a very low Savings Rate. I was really close to my first negative month.

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Soaring Price Tag Of Quality Sleep: Finding A Bargain

Before our move, we struggled for a long time with the question: “Can you put a price on a good night’s sleep?”. I think I have found the right price tag.
After sleeping years on hand-me-downs, I believed it was about time to get something decent as we approach life with 3. But the prices brought me nightmares instead of blissful dreams.

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6 Modest DIY Home Improvements For A 1-Year House stay

Moving. It’s such a fun activity, especially with a baby on the way. Not that it’s impossible. We are now well into our fourth week of slowly moving things out of our tiny 40m² apartment and into my late grandmother’s house.

Besides looking into what to get for our little girl, we are also improving my grandmother’s house, fitting it to our taste when we finally settle in. We won’t be putting in a new kitchen or completely redo wallpaper, but we make 6 modest home improvements to make this old house (build in the ‘60s) somewhat modern.

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How To Make A Luxurious Baby Registry On The Cheap

There are a lot of things going on in my life right now. First and foremost we have a baby on the way!

Obviously, a big event that takes a lot of time. Not only do I have to take care of the mother to make sure the baby grows healthy, but together we also have to look at how we will welcome the little one into this world.

What kind of clothes, food, nursey, and safety products do we need to give her the best care she deserves? And all of that at a reasonable price of course. In short, how did we make a luxurious baby registry without breaking the bank?

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