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19Jan 20

How I will increase my income by 500 EUR

I've been struggling with getting extra income for years. Initially, I expected my investments to cover my expenses, but this turned out to be a lot more difficult than expected, at least in the short term. What did I do: a flexi-job!
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15Jan 20
Milestones For 2020

Milestones for 2020

2020 is upon us! As I did last year, I will try to aim for certain milestones on both a personal and financial level. I already went over my 2019 milestones, which let us be honest, was so-so. But if I can learn from this and do a better estimation this year then it was worth it to make them.
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08Jan 20
Looking Ahead: 2020 Personal Finance

Looking ahead: 2020 personal finance

My second financial look ahead, this time for the year 2020, has the same idea as the last one. I want to share my expectations for this year and use this as the Kickstarter to create my targets or milestones.
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26Dec 19
2019 Milestones Evaluation

2019 Milestones evaluation

I realized, as the year comes to a close, that I barely mentioned anything about my milestones. Especially the personal ones were left untouched -which isn't good- for the majority of the year. Time to take a look at how I faired. I can already tell you, not great...

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25Dec 19
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyones holiday period is going well? May your pockets be filled with lots of cash and your portfolios make tons of gains in the coming year. Thank you all for spending a bit of your 24 hours reading my blog in 2019.

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22Dec 19
These Are My Top Stock Performers Of 2019

These are my top stock performers of 2019

We are in the last two weeks of 2019, i.e., the perfect time to not only¬†look forward in terms of stock picks but also to have a look at how my current picks are performing. Investing is simplest when done in hindsight. Aside from tremendous quantities of money, what do…

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12Dec 19
Cryptocurrency: An Introduction

Cryptocurrency: an introduction

While cryptocurrencies have fallen out of grace with the mainstream, they are far from dead. The hype has died down quite a lot, but that doesn't mean they aren't being traded anymore.¬† Now might even be a good time to talk about it, with no bias or hype, in the…

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08Dec 19
Why I Choose A Core-satellite Strategy

Why I choose a core-satellite strategy

On my portfolio page I mention that I follow a core-satellite strategy. I want to clarify what this exactly means and how it's different compared to what you will find when researching FIRE. Investopedia really explains it best: Core-satellite investing is a method of portfolio construction designed to minimize costs,…

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30Nov 19
My Monthly Savings Rate Report: November 2019

My monthly Savings Rate report: November 2019

The last month of the year is upon us. With the winter holidays approaching fast it's also the time to look at what I'm thankful for this past year. I will provide a look-back in December where I post my hightlights and low points. But that's for the coming month.…

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24Nov 19
How To Make Your Own Sushi At Home And Save Money

How to make your own sushi at home and save money

Last weekend me and my girlfriend tried to make sushi ourselves for the first time. It was an amazing and fun experience. We had a lot of fun discovering the joy and pain of making our own sushi from the comfort of our own home. To top it all of…

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