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17May 20
Marrying In Corona Times: Good For Your Wallet

Marrying in Corona times: good for your wallet

You read that right, I'm a married man as of the 2nd of May! First things first, saving money was not the key reason we got married in this period ;). The major reason we wanted to get married was that we believe in it and want to share our lives. Cliché, I know.
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03May 20
My Monthly Savings Rate Report: April 2020

My monthly Savings Rate report: April 2020

April was the prelude to a life-changing May. Quite a few preparations were made in April for a big moment in May so it's only a given that some money was spent. Add to that the higher grocery expenses due to the corona measures and you can already guess that April wasn't a cheap month. Luckily I received my profit participation which prevented me from going negative.
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26Apr 20
Coronavirus Impact On My New Apartment

Coronavirus impact on my new apartment

Because of lockdown and social distancing rules, many constructions sites have come to a halt. Just like my newly bought, yet to be completed apartment. I mailed my contractor to see what the impact will be for the Brussel’s apartment. I expect a half evasive answer saying they’ll do their utmost best to limit the impact but ”a small” delays might be possible.
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18Apr 20

5 thematic funds for the future

More and more thematic funds are being released on us: from agriculture to solar energy. It's won't help you keep a simple portfolio, but if you are interested in dabling in other areas than a region-based portfolio and don't mind doing some futurology -yes that's a thing- I'd like to go over a few interesting options.
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04Apr 20
Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q1 2020

Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q1 2020

The first quarter of 2020 was a thrill ride. Especially March turned out to be crazy. When you compare it to Q4, all my investments took a nosedive. From an all-time high for my personal portfolio to a new low.
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01Apr 20
My Monthly Savings Rate Report: March 2020

My monthly Savings Rate report: March 2020

Well, this was an interesting month for obvious reasons. The Coronavirus really took a hold of the world this month after it caused a lockdown in China. It's not exaggerated to say the coronavirus has the world in its grip.
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15Mar 20
Portfolio Update: Stock Purchases Using Tax Deduction

Portfolio update: stock purchases using tax deduction

Thanks to a tax deduction on my newly bought apartment on plan, I received about 17,000 EUR. This allows me to give a nice update on my portfolio and milestones progress. Not only the tax deduction is the reason of course. We entered a bearish market this week and it…

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11Mar 20
How One Tax Deduction Reduced My Apartment Cost By 17K

How one tax deduction reduced my apartment cost by 17K

Something interesting happened about a week ago. As you might have read –on my twitter feed or on the blog– I signed the deed of the mortgage and apartment. As a result I'm official the owner the apartment and the land the building is build on; Partially when it comes to the land. What I hadn't mentioned was that I got a 16,575 EUR tax deduction!
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07Mar 20
Ethical Investing Through Trackers Pays Off

Ethical investing through trackers pays off

Recently the Belgian bank NewB got its banking license. This makes them the first bank focusing mainly on ethical banking. What started as an idea in the aftermath of the financial crisis to change banking forever, much as the crisis did, is now a bank with a license.
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03Mar 20
My Monthly Savings Rate Report: February 2020

My monthly Savings Rate report: February 2020

This February update is finally a lighter one. The start is the end of my trip to my fiancee's home country. After this, things have remained relatively calm beside the occasional date night. We saw "Little Women" for example. Unfortunately, my Savings Rate still isn't above 50%.
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