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Is prinicpal payment a saving or expense?

One major item is never present in every monthly savings rate report: my mortgage principal payment. Omitting this one item makes the difference between having 50% or 30%. So, am I cheating by leaving it out? Today I want to go over the details of my mortgage payment and give a clear answer to this question.
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Best Belgian Grocery Store: Colruyt Vs Lidl

Cheapest Belgian Grocery Store: Massive Comparison of Colruyt Vs Lidl

A question that comes back frequently with my readers and people, in general, is how they can save money on groceries. Food and water are essential to survive, so it's hard to imagine saving money on this. But it's possible! I will go over two big grocery stores (at the moment), Colruyt and Lidl, and compare a selection of their products.
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Update: As of 1 June 2022, CRO cuts cashback rates and stake rewards on all cards. On top of that, there is a cashback limit of 25 and 50 USD for Ruby and Jade/Indigo respectively. This effectively reduces the appeal of the cards and the CRO ecosystem considerably. The below experiences are based on everything before this cut.

With over 12 months of use with my Visa debit card, I figured I’d share my experience with everyone.
For myself, this card has been an excellent addition to my credit cards. I improve my portfolio without doing anything thanks to the cashback this crypto card provides.

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