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Wallet With Euro Coins

My monthly Savings Rate report: May 2020

As eluded to last month, May was a life-changing month. I even received a little surprise windfall at the end thanks to my grandmother's inheritance. With all of the preparations done in April, May was relatively calm in terms of expenses. This further improved my Savings Rate and pushed it to an all-time high. 
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Falling Money

Managing a small windfall: my grandmother’s inheritance

2nd May was a day I will never forget. I married the love of my life. Eventhough this was during the Coronavirus pandemic and we were in lockdown resulting in not having any witnesses, we were still able to make it our own and have a day that we will remember fondly. Unfortunately, a week prior, I experienced something I won’t forget either, the passing of my grandmother. This was a sad moment but my heart skipped a beat on Friday seeing a small windfall on my account.

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Managing Budget With YNAB On A Laptop

YNAB vs nYNAB vs Excel: best budgeting tools compared

The aptly named budgeting tool YNAB, short for You Need A Budget, stopped supporting their legacy tool YNAB4 as of 31 October 2019. I’ve been an avid user of the tool for over 7 years, but, because of the end of their extended support, I’ve been meaning to see if a change is needed. As a result of the end of support, I decided to see if I should move away from it completely or stay. It took up till now since I wasn’t sure what to do. Move to the new YNAB, and pay a subscription fee -the horror!- or move to good old Excel spreadsheet.

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Wallet With Euro Coins

My monthly Savings Rate report: April 2020

April was the prelude to a life-changing May. Quite a few preparations were made in April for a big moment in May so it's only a given that some money was spent. Add to that the higher grocery expenses due to the corona measures and you can already guess that April wasn't a cheap month. Luckily I received my profit participation which prevented me from going negative.
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5 thematic funds for the future

Heads up before you read these suggested themes. This post and other posts like it are my own thoughts and ideas. I’m not a broker/dealer, nor am I an investment advisor. I have no access to non-public information about publicly traded companies, and this is not a place for the giving or receiving of financial advice, advice concerning investment decisions or tax or legal advice. These are suggestions, guides, not advice.

More and more thematic funds are being released on us: from agriculture to solar energy. It’s won’t help you keep a simple portfolio, but if you are interested in dabling in other areas than a region-based portfolio and don’t mind doing some futurology -yes that’s a thing- I’d like to go over a few interesting options.

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Quarterly Portfolio Report - Growing Stack Of Coins

Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q1 2020

USD rate used: 1 USD = 0.9209908 EUR

Total portfolio worth (all in)
Total portfolio worth (Savings & Effects)
The first quarter of 2020 was a thrill ride. Especially March turned out to be crazy. When you compare it to Q4, all my investments took a nosedive. From an all-time high for my personal portfolio to a new low.

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Wallet With Euro Coins

My monthly Savings Rate report: March 2020

This page can contain affiliate partner links to products that I purchased this month.

Well, this was an interesting month for obvious reasons. The Coronavirus took a hold of the world this month after it caused a lockdown in China. It’s not exaggerated to say the coronavirus has the world in its grip. The upside to this for me personally is that it means I barely made any expenses besides groceries. I did make one large purchase after receiving a tax deduction on my apartment.

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Luxury Interior Residence Schuman

How one tax deduction reduced my apartment cost by 17K

Something interesting happened about a week ago. As you might have read –on my twitter feed or on the blog– I signed the deed of the mortgage and apartment. As a result I’m official the owner the apartment and the land the building is build on; Partially when it comes to the land. What I hadn’t mentioned was that I got a 16,575 EUR tax deduction!

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