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How Much I Spend During My First Time In Italy

How much I spend during my first time in Italy

In my previous post I talked about how I spend my time in Italy. It was a wonderful experience and had a great time with my girlfriend. This fun experience did cost a bit but how much?

When it comes to expenses, I was able to save a lot on one of the biggest expenses, accomodation, because I stayed together with my gf, her father and his partner. In both Venice and Rome we stayed in an Airbnb. Due to an incorrect booking we did have to stay one night at a quant hotel near Vatican city. All of the accommodations were airconditioned so the +30°C were very doable.

The total spend amount was 757.06 EUR. In the below table you can find a break down of all the expenses made over the course of the 6 days.

Italy trip expenses

This table gives a complete and clear overview of all the expenses I made during my 6 day trip to Italy. I visited Venice and Rome.
TypeExpensesTotal Amount  
Transportation (plane, train, metro, and (water)bus)

Groceries17.88 + 28.2646.14

The above table is a simple overview at the moment but will be improved in the coming days as I get more clarity through my bank statements.

It was worth every penny

Seeing this overview, it’s clear I wasn’t as frugal or cheap as originally intended. This holds especially true since I didn’t have to pay for my accomodation. I should have been able to save more.
However, I had an amazing time and was able to make a deeper bond with my girlfriend and her father.

We came out of this a stronger couple and that, to me, makes it worth every penny.

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