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Memorable reads of the week 4

Memorable reads of the week
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Last Updated on October 10, 2019 by Mr. FightToFIRE

Another week has gone by in a flash. Luckily I have this series to help me get a swell summary of the more memorable articles that passed my view the last 7 days.
Let’s get into this week’s amazing reads of the week.

My memorable reads

Jeff Bezos: altruist or sly fox?

Original source: K. Lemmens, October 8, 2018. Jeff Bezos: altruïst of een sluwe vos? De Standaard. p.20

This is an opinion piece that appeared in the newspaper De Standaard after news got out that Jeff Bezos was going to raise the minimum wage of his employees. I enjoyed reading it because it shows how positive news for the Amazon employees still benefits the company more.

The columnist calls out the credibility of Bezos’ action to increase the wages of his company’s employees. Amazon gives us a nice promotion video showing nothing but happy campers. After seeing hat you can’t help but wonder what Amazon gets out of this.

Lemmens highlights that besides a raise Amazon also the abolished much-used fringe benefits such as stock options and monthly bonuses. some anonymous employees claim they are worse off because of these canceled benefits. Amazon refutes these claims.

Even if these negative voices are exagurating their losses, Lemmens rightfully states that Amazon will be the winner in the end. A higher minimum wage is still an appealing offer for seasonal workers that aren’t eligible for the fringe benefits anyway. This comes in handy with the winter holiday period rapidly approaching.

Google Logo

Google Discloses Privacy Security Flaw Kept Quiet Since March

Original source: Bloomberg (October 8, 2018). Google Discloses Privacy Security Flaw Kept Quiet Since March. Retrieved from

Google+ is officially dead. After it was disclosed this week that Google failed to report a major security breach impacting North of 500,000 users, it was forced to shut down its wannabe Facebook competitor.

Where my first selection shows a company trying to meticulously improve its image and at the same time get more profit.
The second read highlights how a company tries to do damage control due to a bad (management) decision.

Google+ shutting down won’t have a major impact since it had an insignificant number of users compared to Facebook, which was supposed to be its competitor. Rather, it’s the way Google handled the security breach that can bite them in the ass.

Of course, it remains to be soon how much it will really impact them.

Model 3 Performance - Midnight Silver Tarmac Motion

Tesla’s Model 3 Passes the 100,000 Mark

Original source: Bloomberg (October 12, 2018). Tesla’s Model 3 Passes the 100,000 Mark. Retrieved from

It took a lot longer than Elon Musk originally prophesized but it finally happened, the 100,000 milestone is reached for Tesla’s “mid-range” mass-production car, the Model 3.

I’m still on the fence about Tesla. At one hand I’m happy that the model 3 production is picking up steam and making EV’s more reachable for the average Joe, but on the other, I’m really not a fan of Elon Musk. With his recent public stunts, I can’t bring myself to think positive about anything Musk does.

I know it’strange to say that. What Musk does, shouldn’t matter when we are talking about Tesla the company, but it does.
Tesla wouldn’t be so popular (or hyped) without the extravagant CEO and now ex-president Elon Musk. What Elon does, has an impact on the company.

It baffles me how the most important person of a publicly traded company can just keep tweeting away or appear on shows saying whatever. Though, with a person leading the country that does the exact same thing, I guess now anything goes in “the land of the free”.

These were my memorable articles of the past week.

Do you have anything that you want to share? Leave a comment with a link or a summary and why you find it interesting.

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