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Latest Milestones update happened on: 11/11/2018

I will keep track of my various achievements through milestones. You can find all of the current and past achievements on this page.


Personal portfolio

The following targets are the ones for my personally managed portfolio.

Total portfolio deposits

Deposits target: 183.33%

11 000 EUR of 6 000 EUR

Dividend payout

Dividends received: 52.32%

62.78 EUR of 120 EUR

Actively managed portfolio

The targets for the actively managed portfolio are those that are managed by a smaller European bank.

Total portfolio deposits

Deposits target: 200%

20,000 EUR of 10,000 EUR

Personal milestones

I also have a few personal milestones I wish to reach each year. These you can find below.

Do 50 clean push-ups: chest touches the ground at the bottom, arms locked out on top

Push-ups possible in one go: 100%

50 of 50 push-ups

Read 5 books about blogging or better writing

Books read 60%

3 of 5 books read about blogging

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