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My monthly Savings Rate report: April 2021

Last Updated on September 16, 2021 by Mr. FightToFIRE

April was amazing! From both an income and expenses point of view, I achieved my best result in months. I continue the substantial savings I started in March in large part, thanks to my profit participation.
On the expenses side, my wife and I were finally able to limit our grocery bill a bit. The month changed right on time, though; on the 2nd of May, we are married one year, so that called for a celebration which of course means a higher food bill ;).

Belgian’s social system also played a massive part in April’s fantastic result. We received the growth package (Dutch: groeipakket).

What does the ‘growth package’ consist of?

  1. A one-off starting amount of € 1,144.44 when your child is born.
  2. Monthly amount per child (2021’s amount = €166.46)

I finally receive my dividends for all those years as a single and paying the highest taxes in the world!

This page can contain affiliate partner links to products that I purchased this month.


Let’s sum up all those numbers. I earned €5,933.27 from my day job thanks to €2756.40 profit participation and my regular €3176.87 salary (which includes on-call).
Adding the growth package of €1144.44 gives a total of €7,097.71.

The situation for my wife hasn’t changed yet. No job, so no income. At the moment, everything is covered by one salary and thus we receive the marriage quotient.


I received dividends this month:

  • Taiwan Semiconductors (TSM) – $4.39 (~€3.67)


Food and supplies

We went below €500 for food! The biggest chunk was still the groceries bill but at ‘just’ €398.15 it’s our lowest number in months.

We haven’t been this low since October 2020; Yah! It even could have been a bit lower if we didn’t get some specific Asian (€28.55) and South-American (€21.65) food. But seeing my wife’s smile like a spring sun at noon is more than worth it.

Groceries expenses since 2012
These are all my grocery expenses since I started recording my expenses way back in 2012. A neat little graph. Can you spot where I started living on my own?

Not so small snack expenses

We might have gone a little overboard in the snacks department. In my defense, we spend €23 on “carnival” food while on a short trip to a public park with my mom. Another big snack moment was €41.02 in easter treats for my parents and us, so technically, it wasn’t just snacks. The rest was actual snacking and brought the total to €72.21.

Adding that to our groceries bill brings the total food bill for April to €470.36.

Savings Rate April 2021
My Income and Expenses for April 2021.

Home management and ownership

Another month, another downpayment and interest payment for the apartment. €815.35 in principal and €161.34 in interest.

On top of that, we bought a second-hand display cabinet since we didn’t have any sort of cabinet in the living room. My grandmother had quite a bit of closet, but as we but a 2 person sofa in the living room, we didn’t have much space left for a larger closet. We ended up getting a narrow but tall full wooden cabinet that matches the rest of the furniture perfectly.

Sewage, stickers, and keys

Besides the extra piece of furniture, we also got an extra pair of keys for the front and side door (€12.58).

While we have freshwater now, some taps still use non-drinkable water, so we got some no-drinking-water stickers for those. I saw a no-parking sticker and a new garden hose head in the store, which were some at the moment but still much-needed expenses for a total of €25.67.

Finally, we had our sewage pipes professionally cleaned. However, this was a waste of money because they didn’t do anything extra we hadn’t already done, nor did they see anything more with their camera. The cost for 30 minutes of work? €243.80! And it was useless. Luckily, my dad decided to pay for it as it was related to the existing pipes.

In the end, €283.73 left my wallet for everything related to our home and apartment.

You may have noticed I didn’t add my Principle payment to the total. This is a conscious choice. The principle is the borrowed amount you return to the bank. In other words, it goes into the apartment and is thus not an expense.

So where will you see this principle back? In my portfolio overview of course.

Do you think I’m cheating? Leave a comment below!


Expenses in the sports category are simple. I brought my bike in for major repairs. Why didn’t I do it myself? I don’t have the tools for it -some are very specific- nor the time at the moment. For €235, I got:

  • New rear and front gears
  • New brake wires and breaks
  • A new saddle
  • A new backlight
  • New chain

Including work hours, I consider that reasonable.


Something happened that I never experienced before. My computer’s power supply exploded!

Nothing caught on fire, but there was smoke, and the bang was so loud my wife could hear from downstairs. Without a power supply, a computer is pretty useless, so I bought it (€122.95) within 30 minutes of it happening. Because it was before 22:30, delivered it the next day before noon. Can you believe that? Less than 12 hours, and it hailed from Breda, The Netherlands. Talk about service.


Besides the typical Spotify subscription (€9.99), I also paid for an extra month of Audible (€9.62), paid for my yearly Amazon Prime (€49.00) and monthly Patreon contribution (€2.26). Good for a total of €70.87 in subscriptions.

Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden

Being stuck at home for months on end isn’t healthy, so as part of our first wedding anniversary on the 2nd of May, I bought tickets for Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden, which we visited on the 29th of April (€28.00).

Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden Bridge View
Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden Bridge View
Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden bridge view
Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden Single Tulip
Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden single tulip
Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden Field Of Tulips
Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden Field of Tulips
Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden Path With Tulips
Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden path with Tulips
Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden Bridge ViewFloralia Groot-Bijgaarden Single TulipFloralia Groot-Bijgaarden Field Of TulipsFloralia Groot-Bijgaarden Path With Tulips

Finally, My cousin gave birth to a baby girl in April, so of course, we had to get her something. We got her towel for €8.90 but got a discount and only paid €4.50.

In total, we spend €226.32 on luxury.


The last big category I want to go over is ‘Kids.’ Even though our little girl is here yet, we got €118.45 worth of baby stuff.

Mind you, this is only what we bought. Of course, over the past couple of months, family and friends bought quite a bit off our baby wish list. So if you were wondering why expenses remain so low -well, besides the stroller and car seat-, this is why.

Other expenses

The rest of my expenses are limited once more. Some monthly stuff such as health insurance and family insurance—medical bills and refunds through our NHS. Finally, I went for it, and using a 40% discount code, bought Grammarly Pro for one year.
A quick summary:

  • Banking – €18.04:
    • Health insurance: €10.46
    • DVV Family insurance: €7.66 + Rectification Family insurance DVV: €2.50 = €10.16
    • Beobank Cashback: €2.58
  • Person – €23.70:
    • Medical bills and refunds: €19.61
    • 2 Bath bombs: €4.09
  • Online business – €70.27:
    • Subscription to Grammarly Pro: €70.27

All the expenses

The bottom line

Supported by a high income of €7,097.71 this month, my remaining net income in April was €5,651.84. This gives me a Savings Rate of €5,651.84/€7,097.71 = 79.62%.

Another splendid month. Next month’s result will deviate without a doubt. Our newest family member will arrive after all. Diapers, extra clothes, medical expenses, etc. will come on top. I’m curious how we will fair.

Wow, talk about being busy. My Belgian friend Roadtrip to FIRE shared a lot of new thoughts on his blog. Of course there is his portfolio update but he also shared 8  advantages of living in the EU, and why he invested in Lyft (amongst others). A lot to read. go check him out!

JoneyTalks keeps pumping out exquisite podcasts. and even a guest post! be sure to check them out!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

I'm a developer for a major financial institution in Belgium that is present in over 40 countries. I have over 8 years of working experience in the development of customer applications focussing on all aspects of banking. This helped me gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of a commercial bank. All of this experience in both banking and life culminates in this blog about personal finance and my fight towards FIRE.

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Really nice saving rate and congrats with your Grocery bill! To be honest I am scared to check my grocery bills, I think it will have gone even more up then last month haha.

conociendo las finanzas

I admire you that you can save, it has cost me a lot and I feel that I am not earning enough

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