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Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q4 2018

Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q4 2018

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USD rate used: 1 USD = 0.87386 EUR

Total portfolio worth

This past quarter just shows how fast things can change. In my first report, I had decent gains for most of my stocks. Fast forward 3 months and the picture looks completely different.

There is a clear negative decline between the first and second report I made. There is one reason why my wealth grew regardless. I kept earning money.
Because of that, I could deposit 11,500 EUR into my investment portfolios. 10,000 EUR went into the Beobank portfolio that holds active funds and 1,500 EUR to my personal trading account with Lynx.

QuarterAmount (€)QoQ (%)QoQ (€)

While my wealth didn’t grow as much, I’m not too worried though. In fact, I see this is an opportunity. I should be able to get more value for my money when I purchase new shares in 2019.

If at one point you want to see my latest status, I have a separate menu item with my latest portfolio status. In due time this page will contain a timeline with all my quarterly report posts and their respective wealth level.

Keep Calm and Carry On INVESTING
Nothing else to do

Personal portfolio overview

EUR stocks

Coming from a profit of 2.853% I’m now in the negative territory at -9.53%. A drop of -2.85 – 8.53 = -12.38%.
The two stocks that held the fort are:

Finally, I have 58.87 EUR in cash.

SymbolDescriptionSectorQuantityClose PriceCost BasisCurrent ValueUnrealized Profit/Loss% Gain/Loss
CEUSISHARES MSCI EMU SML-C ACC ETFBroad3167.46606.78502.38-104.40-17,21
CPXJISHARES CORE MSCI PACIF X-JP ETFBroad10115.881173.471158.80-14.67-1.25
CSX5ISHARES CORE EURO STOXX 50 ETFBroad393.45311.57280.35-31.22-10.02
DX2JdX MSCI EUROPE SMALL CAP ETFBroad2036.62861.99732.40-129.59-15.03
HOMIHOME INVEST BELGIUMFinancials891.60702.83732.8029.974.26
IUS3ISHARES S&P SMALL CAP 600Broad848.66456.14389.32-66.82-14.65
KINKINEPOLISConsumer Cyclicals1047.85580.00478.50-101.50-17.50
RBOTISHARES AUTOMATION&ROBOTIC-A ETFBroad1575.371014.48843.40-171.08-16.86
SBIOINVESCO NASDAQ BIOTECH ETFBroad3026.60923.30798.00-125.30-13.57
UBIUBISOFT ENTERTAINMENTTechnology1169.76990.41767.36-223.05-22.52

USD stocks

The below table contains my stocks denominated in USD. Since the currency rate fluctuates daily, it impacts the total portfolio wealth counter. To keep it simple I will use the rate applicable at the time of writing every quarter (give or take a day). You can find the rate used at the top of this page.

Just like my euro stocks this quarter, my dollar-based stocks received a bit of a beating as well.
Coming from pretty much B/E I received a decline of 0.08 – 19.96 =  -19,88%.

SymbolDescriptionSectorQuantityClose PriceCost BasisCurrent ValueUnrealized Profit/Loss% Gain/Loss
BABAAlibaba Group HoldingCommunications5139.09832.89695.45137.44-16.50
CSKRISHARES MSCI KOREA USD ACCBroad5138.82887.58694.10-193.48-21.80
IBBISHARES NASDAQ BIOTECHNOLOGYBroad594.84518.34474.20-44.14-8.51
IEMAISHARES MSCI Emerging Markets ACCBroad2830.771030.58861.56-169.02-16.40
NVDANVIDIA CORPTechnology4133.65803.81534.60-269.21-33.49

Actively managed portfolio

My portfolio at Beobank containing actively managed funds dropped quite a bit as well.
With a new deposit of 10,000 EUR, I did at the end of November the decline in absolute numbers is now larger of course.
With only one day remaining it’s safe to make a final balance for the year. In percentage the drop is a strong -19.13 – 2.80 = -21.93%.

Pension fund

Just like the other stock portfolios, my pension fund took a beating this quarter as well.
I deposited an ad