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Latest Savings Rate (SR): November 2018

If you wish to reach FIRE at a certain date, you have to keep a close watch on your Savings Rate (SR).
This page does exactly that. Here you can find a monthly overview of my SR per month and year. For completeness sake, I started in January 2018.

My MO for my SR

My SR-graph will get updated at the end of every month. These updates will be fairly short and follow the same pattern as much as possible:

  • I use YNAB4 to generate a detailed overview of all my income and expenses for each month in a clean table.
  • From this table, I make a collapsed and summarized screenshot that I then upload to this page.
  • In the sidebar, the SR of that month will be shown. It also links back to this page.

Since a picture says more than a thousands words, you can find the details of October 2018 right below the SR-graph. In case of large outliers or one-time income or expenses, I will give a bit of context with the image.

My Savings Rates

  • 2018
Savings Rate November 2018

In terms of Income, October was another special month. This time because of a side hustle that brought in € 450.00. Additionally,  I got a bit extra salary resulting in a total income for November of €3073.65.

When it comes to Expenses, November wasn’t too special aside from a bit more “luxury” expenses and getting gas twice. The luxury expenses were: multiple smaller gifts for friends, and paying for a simple restaurant lunch. Overall I spend €454.88 this month.

Savings Rate October 2018

In terms of Income, October was a special month thanks to the tax refund of € 312.94 I received.

When it comes to Expenses, I had a calm month. I did spend € 102 on cinema tickets (part of Luxury) I can purchase in bulk and with a discount through my employer.

Savings Rate September 2018

My income for September, 2612.40 EUR, was mainly from my main job with some pocket money from helping my grandmother. The euro and a bit are from my credit card’s cashback.

The expenses this month, 369.77 EUR, were kept to a minimum with groceries taking up the most part.
The online business part is for all the expenses related to hosting my site(s).

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