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Water Treatment Plant

Should you be investing in water: the new gold?

We use it every day for a wide variety of purposes. It’s used for drinking, washing, rinsing, showering, etc. A lot of it is consumed for food and other goods, some of which require it in vast quantities. In short, we cannot do without it. I’m talking about water of course. But should you invest in it?

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People Wearing Surgical Face Masks In The Street

Face masks: the new gold

“Those silly people”, is what I heard people around me say when they saw pictures of people in China or Japan covering their faces with a (surgical) face mask when going out in public. Not anymore, or at least, they won’t say it in public. COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, made it abundantly clear that such hygienic measures are essential. Not only to protect ourselves against others but also -especially with face masks- others against us.

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