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6 ways Brexit impacts your wallet

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The Brexit is like a bad soap that is unfolding in real-time. The press has spilled a lot, and I mean a lot, of ink over this event ever since it started on 23 June 2016. Yep, it’s been that long.
And as things are unraveling for Boris Johnson the future of Britain remains. What is sure, is that a Brexit, no matter if there is a deal or not, will have a huge impact on the lives of millions of Brits and Europeans.

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The most important FIRE ratio: Savings Rate

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Savings Rate (SR), it’s probably one, if not the, most important concept you must understand when you try to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early. It’s also the perfect place to start if you are wondering how to get into FIRE. So, let us see what this “fire ratio” actually is.

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