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Holiday Presents

How to Start Freelancing for Holiday Cash

With the winter holiday season over, many people will already be looking at the summer. To help pay for them, you might be interested in finding new ways to earn money. Nowadays, there are many opportunities to earn cash online or provide unique services. You can find something that works for you. In this guest post, Kathryn Rucker delves deeper into the topic of freelancing to gather some extra cash for the holidays.
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Family On A Holiday

Traveling on a Budget with Family: Tips & Tricks!

As the world continues to make great strides in combating the effects of the global pandemic, activities are getting back to normal. After a lengthy time of lockdown, traveling with family is at the forefront of most people’s minds. So, if your family is eager for a post-pandemic trip, you’re not alone. In fact, Expedia says that 2022 will be the year of the GOAT (Greatest of All Trips). Most families are looking for transformative and meaningful travel experiences and plan to go all out on their next vacation.
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PA: The blog is alive but I’m struggling to post, here’s why

The blog is still alive! Sorry for the drama, but I felt I should at least write something. Don’t expect a new financial post, though. Just a quick personal update to get you up to speed since a lot has changed after I last posted. Changes preventing me from even sitting down at my computer and start typing. Nothing negative, quite the opposite, even.
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Where To Get The Cheapest Furniture In Europe?

Where to get the cheapest furniture in Europe

Why am I looking at the cheapest way to buy furniture? My Brussels apartment is -finally- reaching the final stages of construction and while we are not quite there yet, it's about time to look at how I will furnish it. Having a fully furnished apartment should allow me to rent it out for about €1400/m incl. garage.
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Happy And Healthy 2021

Happy 2022

Best wishes to all of my readers. May all your financial and personal goals be achieved this year. That we get at least one step closer to FIRE in 2022!
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