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Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

Albert Einsteint
Theoretical physicist

You can’t fight a battle without a weapon (well give or take an exception or two) and in my fight towards FIRE that weapon is knowledge.
Since knowledge is power and the more power to the people the better, I’m sharing with you my thoughts and remarks on the books related to finance, economy and financial literacy.

Most of them will be about trading the various markets or about financial independence and financial literacy. A small portion (say less than 25%) will be about entrepreneurship.

I will do my best to keep the format the same for every book I review. There might be a difference depending on the book and the subject it covers.

Finally, at the end of each review, you can find a FIRE score. Each letter of this acronym holds a different value. The rating for each of these letters will go from 1 (outdated/ignore the advice given/simple) to 5 (up-to-date/reference in its field/complex).

  • FFinancial level, How complex is the finance explained in the book. Is it more academic in nature or for the average Joe or Jane?
  • IInformative, does the book provide good examples and are they up-to-date?
  • RRhetoric, did the writing convince me? Was the book able to persuade made about its point?
  • EElucidation level, was the message of the author clear to understand?

If I didn’t touch a certain domain, it will get a marking “N/A” and the remaining domains get a heavier weighing.

It should be obvious, but just in case, I’d like to note that I base my (final) rating on my own (in)experience and understanding.

I hope that I can save you some time with these reviews and help you find the best books to read when you wish to reach FIRE like me.

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