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Water Treatment Plant

Take The Plunge Now: How To Invest In Water

We use it every day for drinking, washing, rinsing, showering, etc. Much of it is for food and other goods, some of which require it in vast quantities. In short, we cannot do without it. I’m talking about water! But how do you invest in it, and is it even worth your money?

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Falling Money

Managing a rare windfall: my grandmother’s inheritance

2nd May was a day I will never forget. I married the love of my life. Eventhough this was during the Coronavirus pandemic, and we were in lockdown, resulting in not having any witnesses, we were still able to make it our own and have a day that we will remember fondly. Unfortunately, a week prior, I experienced my grandmother’s passing, something I won’t forget. Without a doubt the darkest moment in my life, but I would never have thought she would take care of me even after death.

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Palladium Wedding Rings On A Wooden Surface

Should you invest in Gold alternatives? Checking out 3 alternative metals

Our wedding bands
This is the render of the wedding bands we ordered to symbolize our commitment to each other.

Recently, my wife and I were looking for our wedding rings 

While checking out different stores, I started thinking. Could white gold, platinum, and palladium be good gold alternative investments just as they are alternatives in wedding rings? 

Investors see gold as a safe investment in times of economic turmoil. But what about its lesser-known but more expensive and rare (metal) sibling palladium (not to be mistaken with platinum)? And what about white gold? Should you invest in any of these?

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