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First (personal) milestone unlocked!

Last Updated on November 30, 2018 by Mr. FightToFIRE

I figured this earned it’s own post since I am quite happy about it and well, it’s the first milestone.

Just yesterday evening I was finally able to perform 50 strict, clean push-ups in one go. My first (personal) milestone reached! One more to go.
In regards to my financial targets, I already reached one from the start. I know, please don’t judge. I’m starting off easy, next year will be different.

I initially could do roughly 25 (pushing myself, pun intended), but never really bothered trying to get past that level.
However, after seeing a youtube video from FitnessFAQs about how to do 50 pushups in a row, I figured: “why not?” and tried it out.

After watching the video, I used, but not exactly, the plan mentioned in the video to see where I would finish a couple of months later.
The first week and a half I didn’t really notice a difference but after 1 month I realized I could reach 35 before I started feeling sore. This was on the 30th of October or at least around that date. Now a few weeks later, earlier than I expected, I achieved my goal of 50.

I don’t have video proof but I guess I could make one if people are interested.

For those curious, I added the video below and you can also find it through the link mentioned earlier.

50 Push Ups in a Row | Workout for Beginners by FitnessFAQs

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