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My monthly Savings Rate report: December 2020

December, the month of Christmas and New Years’. Lots of celebrations meaning some bigger expenses. This wasn’t any different this year even with corona. We just did it on our own and just handed over the gifts outside. We went a little wild with food but my income was higher so it balanced things out a little bit.

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6 Excellent Financial Youtubers You Should Follow

6 Excellent Finance Youtubers You Need To Follow In 2021

If there is one thing I’ve learned in 2020, then it’s that you can find a lot of useful financial info on Youtube. Not that you should follow any self-proclaimed finance guru you come across, but there are at least 6 gems out there between all the grey, bland rocks, that are worth your precious time.

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Owning stock in the good and the bad times

Would you consider those that invest in stocks to be out of their mind?

Investors provide companies with important funding, but don’t get any guaranty in return. There is no guaranty on profit, and if things go south, investors can lose all of their cash. This is the primary reason stocks are considered risk capital.

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Spectacular Growth Over Time With Compounding Interest

For those looking to invest for the first time, it’s important to first look at what happens if you put your money in a regular savings account. A lot of people do this in fear of losing all their money. However, due to Inflation, most of the interest you earn is lost.

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Wallet With Euro Coins

My monthly Savings Rate report: November 2020

This page can contain affiliate partner links to products that I purchased this month.

Another calm month. Both in terms of expenses and income. It will make for a rather concise monthly overview.
I am currently on-call again but because week 3 of my on-call is the first week of December, I will only get paid at the off the month so expect to see a bigger salary by the end of the year. For now, it’s my base salary.

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How to get started with (stock) investing

The markets run day and night, worldwide. Every second the prices change, driven by a never-ending stream of news and the millions of decisions of all kinds of investors. Millions of dollars and euros exchange virtual hands every second.

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