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Best Belgian Grocery Store: Colruyt Vs Lidl

Cheapest Belgian Grocery Store: Massive Comparison of Colruyt Vs Lidl

A question that comes back frequently with my readers and people, in general, is how they can save money on groceries. Food and water are essential to survive, so it’s hard to imagine saving money on this. But it’s possible! I will go over two big grocery stores, Colruyt and Lidl, and compare a selection of their products.

My selection is an exhaustive list of my bi-weekly shopping. I take Colruyt and Lidl as both are known for being cheap yet still offer a range of generic and name brands. But which is cheaper?

I plan to add at least Aldi and maybe Delhaize at a later date.

My bi-weekly grocery list

Food item size Colruyt Lidl Remarks
Brand Price (€) Brand Price (€)
Yogurt (skimmed) 1l Everyday 0.65 Milbona 0.66 Lidl puts it per 500 grams; I put 500g == 0.5l
Yogurt (full) 1l Everyday 0.79 Milbona 0.8
Gouda cheese 500g Everyday 1.99 Milbona 1.99 Lidl is 400g, so I converted the price to 500g
Goat cheese 150g Boni 1.5 Petit Chebra 1.24 roll of 180g at Lidl
Chicken filet 200g Everyday 1.19 Milbona 1.26 Lidl is 150g; Converted to 200g price
Shoulder ham 300g Everyday 1.70 Milbona 1.72 Lidl is 200g; Converted to 300g price
Mozarella 125g Everyday 0.45 Milbona 0.45
Cream cheese 200g Everyday 0.69 Frischa 0.69
Tuna salade 150 Everyday 1.49 Milbona 0.89
Eggs 12 (720g) Everyday 1.37 Ferme Flement 1.35
Freshmade soup 1l Boni 1.99 Chef Select 2.09
Cucumber 1 N/A 0.58 N/A 0.59 Promo at Lidl otherwise 0.85
Tomatoes lose 1kg N/A 1.65 N/A 2.49
Sjalottes 500g Everyday 0.99 N/A 0.99
Salade mix 200g Everyday 0.51 N/A 0.59
White bread 800g Boni 1.45 N/A 1.19
Frozen veggie mix 1kg Boni 2.49 Freshona 1.99
Frozen cauliflower 1kg Boni 1.15 Freshona 1.15 Lidl is 750g
Wraps 6 Boni 0.89 Snack day 0.99
Onions 1 (160g) Boni 0.14 N/A 0.20 Onion at Lidl was per 1kg
Mushrooms (small) 250g Everyday 0.85 N/A 0.99
Chicken breast 1kg Everyday 4.95 N/A 6.79
Breaded chicken patty 1kg Everyday 7.78 N/A 4.99
Burger 300g N/A 2.04 N/A 3.09 Lidl is 500g at 10.30/kg
Minced meat (pork+beef) 1kg N/A 4.66 N/A 6.99 Promo at Lidl of 500g + 500g = 4.19
Prague Schnitzel 600g N/A 4.18 N/A 5.98 Lidl is 500g
Lime 1 N/A 0.39 N/A 0.32 Fair-trade at Lidl per 3 0,95
Bananas 1kg Papillon 1.49 N/A 1.1 Price per kilogram
Fanta zero 1 Fanta 1.89 Fant 1.28 Colruyt was only one bottle, Lidl was a pack of 4
Chocolademelk 1 Cécémel 1.49 Cécémel 1.29
Chocolate spread 1 jar Nutella 4.69 Nutella 4.49 1 jar of 900g
fish sticks 15 pcs everyday 1.69 Iglo 3.59 Iglo at colruyt 3,65 but promo for XXL at 5,85 for 28
Lasagna 400g Come a Casa 3.59 Come a Casa 3.59 Per 2 at Colruyt but in Promo for 3
Basmati rice 1kg Boni 1.65 Golden sun 1.49
Pizza Hawaii 1 pizza Ristorante 1.79 Ristorante 1.69
Pizza Speciale 1 pizza Ristorante 1.93 Ristorante 1.98
Fries 1 kg Everyday 0.64 Harvest Basket 0.60 In promo at Lidl at the time of writing normally 0.64
Total 29 €69.26 €73.57

Key takeaways for your groceries

The first big caveat is that these prices can fluctuate at any time due to local or national promotions. For example, the minced pork meat was on promotion at Lidl for 1kg while it wasn’t at Colruyt. Another example, Iglo fish stocks were on promotion at Colruyt for the XXL pack, but Lidl didn’t have it.

Since these prices change weekly, it’s impossible to have it up to align correctly; nevertheless, it should give a good indication.

So what else can we get out of this list? Several general points:

  • Colruyt is almost always the same price as Lidl if you stick to their ‘Everyday’ and ‘Boni’ brands
  • Take a pack of 6 wraps, for example; 0.99 at Lidl and 0.99 at Colruyt, but in the latter, it becomes cheaper if you get three packs.

  • Yogurt is 0.01 cheaper per L at Colruyt.

  • Hummus: 1.09@Lidl <> 1.09@Colruyt, but if you buy 3, it becomes 1.04.

  • Colruyt doesn’t have cottage cheese and uses Danone, while Lidl does, which makes the price difference quite large. This applies to some other products as well. Fish sticks are cheap at Colruyt if you get Everyday, but become more expensive if you get Iglo.
  • Premade soup is the same price at €2.09/L

The list goes on, but it is a toss-up between Lidl and Colruyt. However, I have noticed 2 key takeaways:

  1. Stick to Everyday as much as possible and look at the red prices in Colruyt to make your list cheaper than Lidl. Realize that it’s harder to do at Colruyt as they have a lot of brands as well. You can rapidly fill your shopping cart with other stuff, and then the bill easily doubles -I kid you not-.

  2. Meat and frozen veggies in general it’s cheaper at Lidl. However, I have noticed that especially the slightly more special things such as breaded chicken breast or Schnitzel are of poor quality at Lidl. Also, meat is only cheaper if you get it on promotion, which, to be frank, some type of meat is at any moment at Lidl.

What about other stores?

Colruyt and Lidl aren’t the only grocery stores out there, of course. Delhaize and Carrefour are the other two big players. I didn’t mention them because they are categorically more expensive. Now, that is not to say you should never do groceries there; these two chains are sometimes the only ones with more specific products.

“Exotic” products

Specific stuff such as Dulce de leche, which my wife and I like to have on pancakes, can only be found at Carrefour and Delhaize. We don’t get this every month, but I think you can see how this inflates your grocery bill fast! Yes, it’s expensive; 2.49. 

One of the most extreme examples I can think of is fruit. Grenadillo at my local Proxy Delhaize costs €2.99 a piece!

No Bio products, for now

A big hole this comparison has is Bio products. To be honest, I looked around, but there just weren’t as many products, especially at Lidl. Don’t get me wrong, they were there, just not a whole lot. Colruyt had more also not soo much.

Colruyt does have its bio stores called bio planet, where you only have bio. So I will tackle this caveat through that store. I will compare bio to non-bio.


Overall, what is important to remember is that Colruyt has a larger range of products than Lidl, so you can more easily be tempted to get A-brands, and if you don’t buy in bulk, then your shopping cart can get expensive fast. If you stick to the basic ‘Belgian’ classics, Colruyt is good and sometimes even cheaper than Lidl.

Lidl is suitable for frozen products and meats on promotion but of subpar quality. Other generic products such as pre-made wraps and poultry are decent.

Would I recommend one specific store? I shop most of the time at Colruyt. Thanks to the mix of a-brands and the generic Colruyt ones, I can choose what I want to cheap out on and what is worth my money.

But unfortunately, there isn’t a real shortcut to the cheapest grocery bill. To get the best deal, you have to shop at both Colruyt and Lidl( or Aldi).

I'm a developer for a major financial institution in Belgium that is present in over 40 countries. I have over 8 years of working experience in the development of customer applications focussing on all aspects of banking. This helped me gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of a commercial bank. All of this experience in both banking and life culminates in this blog about personal finance and my fight towards FIRE.

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I think there are no big differences between big supermarkets when we speak about basic no brand products.

I use the chance to remember in some sections we can go better buying from local producers – we pass by some local farms and buy milk with 60cents (extra and froze it) and make yogurt (10min effort but the taste is great), and potatoes (like 35-50cents /kg but has to buy big quantities – not a problem as is cold and I can keep it on the balcony)

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