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Quarterly Portfolio Report - Growing Stack Of Coins

Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q1 2021

Last Updated on May 4, 2021 by Mr. FightToFIRE
Total portfolio worth (all in)
Total portfolio worth (Savings & Effects)

Q1 2021 ends much like last year’s Q1 ended in the middle of a pandemic. One full year of the corona pandemic; crazy to think a year ago, it all started.

Now with the first quarter of 2021 finished, it’s time to take another look at my portfolio and see how it faired during these challenging times. Did my portfolio continue to rocket to the moon, or did it orbit a bit and crash back down?

Remember how I talked about cutting Kinepolis at the end of Q4? Boy, am I glad I didn’t go through with that. This stock recovered a lot. I went from a loss of €198.98 to a nice gain of €1,470.21.

Something that hasn’t paid of yet is my shift from Ubisoft to Corsair ($CRSR). CRSR hasn’t crashed, but it certainly isn’t leading the pack either. I still believe a bright future is possible for this stock, but it’s taking longer than expected.

Besides CRSR, I also invested in the following individual stocks that have yet to turn green:

  • Lemonade ($LMND) – American Insurance company
  • Frequency therapeutics($FREQ) – Biotech company specialized in hearing
  • Palantir ($PLTR) – Big data Software company

I entered at the top, right before all of them made a substantial correction. FREQ is most likely a lost cause due to the failed trials. But it’s only been a few months, so I’m going to let this play out a bit more. I still believe $CRSR and $PLTR will reap the benefits of this pandemic and the continuing shift towards tech.

Crypto boom!

As for my other investments, such as my portfolio with Beobank and cryptocurrencies, well, they are putting down a flawless record at the moment.

I continue to diversify my crypto portfolio by using both and Thanks to my investment in the latter, and its corresponding cryptocurrency CRO, I doubled my initial investment of €800. This is on top of my initial investment with Coinbase of €500 that grew to €1700.

QuarterSavings & Effects (€)All (€)QoQ S&E % (€)QoQ ALL %
18Q456,811.63+13.054 (+6,560.04)
19Q165,722.80+15.68 (+8,911.18)
19Q276,618.85+16.58 (+10,896.05)
19Q383,709.46+9.25 (+7,090.61)
19Q491,002.34+8.71 (+7,292.88)
20Q158,583.88-95,791.12-35.62 (-32,418.46)
20Q2108,574.27-45,800.73+85.33 (+49,990.39)52.186%
20Q3112,823.77-41,551.23+3.913 (+4,249.50)+9.278%
20Q4121,496.24-32,873.76+7.687 (+8,672.47)+26.396%
21Q1139,373.74-13,370.56+17.714 (+17,877.50)+59.328%

USD rate used: 1 USD = 0.818630 EUR

Personal portfolio overview

2021 continued the amazing performance of 2020, but cracks appeared in April. Not because of the market, but because of my own stupidity!

$LMND and $FREQ both dropped considerably with $FREQ crashing 80%! Truth be told, I’m not sure if this Biotech will ever recover. Luckily I kept my initial investment minimal; though I still lost about €1K.

Speaking about my portfolio as a whole it performed well.

Combining my personal investment portfolio gives me the following status:

  • 78,099.89 EUR
    • Profit: 20,099.89 EUR or an increase of 34.654% from the total deposit (58,000 EUR).
    • Increase: 23.405% over the previous quarter (coming from 61,735.65 EUR)
    • Negative cash balance of -12,404.32 EUR
DescriptionAmountAmount in EUR
EUR stocks74,974.43 EUR74,974.43
USD stocks18,216.7515,529.78
Total Stocks90,504.21

EUR stocks

SymbolDescriptionSectorQuantityClose PriceCost BasisCurrent Value(Un)realized Profit/Loss% Gain/Loss
Total 55,243.1363,376.45 8,133.32 14.72
AEDAEDIFICAReal estate4098.303,373.793,932.00558.2116.54
ASMLASML holdingTechnology5397.551,945.261,987.7542.492.184
SXRGISHARES MSCI US SML CAP ACCBroad15343.704,030.825,155.501,124.6827.90
SXR1 (/CPXJ)ISHARES CORE MSCI PACIF X-JP ETFBroad40136.365,031.075,454.40423.338.41
DX2JX MSCI EUROPE SMALL CAP ETFBroad5051.231,766.062,561.50795.4445.04
CSSX5E (/CSX5)ISHARES CORE EURO STOXX 50 ETFBroad30118.203,307.943,546.00238.06 7.196
HOMIHOME INVEST BELGIUMFinancials8115.50702.83924.00221.1731.47
IUS3ISHARES S&P SMALL CAP 600Broad10060.305,369.046,030.00660.9512.31
KINKINEPOLISConsumer Cyclicals15034.755,411.485,212.50-198.98-3.68
NNNDTencent Holding LTDtechnology2559.401,561.421,485.00-76.42-4.89
RBOTISHARES AUTOMATION&ROBOTIC-A ETFBroad4009.652,637.923,858.801,220.8846.28
SBIOINVESCO NASDAQ BIOTECH ETFBroad8539.913,024.853,392.78367.9312.16
SPYD (/USDV)SPDR US dividend aristocratsBroad6547.353,067.953,077.759.800.32
Ishares Core S&P500 UCITSBroad35306.929,084.6910,742.271,657.5818.245
UBIUBISOFT ENTERTAINMENTTechnology2077.061,543.861,541.20-2.66-0.17
XLVSSource HLTH care S&P US SECTBroad8421.503,025.913,372.00346.0911.44

USD stocks

The below table contains my stocks denominated in USD. Since the currency rate fluctuates daily, it impacts the total portfolio wealth counter. To keep it simple I will use the rate applicable at the time of writing every quarter (give or take a day). You can find the rate used at the top of this page.

SymbolDescriptionSectorQuantityClose PriceCost BasisCurrent ValueUnrealized Profit/Loss% Gain/Loss
BABAAlibaba Group HoldingCommunications5226.732,077.492,267.30189.849.14
CRSRCorsair GamingTechnology10033.293,869.473,329.00-539.48-13.97
NVDANVIDIA CORPTechnology15533.935788.668,008.952220.29 38.356
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor SP ADRTechnology10118.281,038.611,182.80144.19 13.88
FREQFrequency TherapeuticsHealthcare309.501,369.24285.00-1084.24-79.19
PLTRPalantir Technologies Inc.-ATechnology7523.292,303.361,746.75-556.61-31.87
LMNDLemonade Inc.financials1593.132,124.881,396.95-727.93-34.26

Actively managed portfolio

My Beobank investment account made an amazing recovery which makes the return half-decent after more than 5 years and a half.

I now have a positive return of 41.91% or an annualized return of 6.57%. Which honestly is half decent as this contains all the transaction costs and entry costs.

Pension fund

My pension fund fluctuated a bit to the upside but nothing major.

Important of this portfolio is that I stopped the automatic deposit. I will not add to this account and most likely will leave it alone as of now. I’d even dare to say that I will let it alone till my retirement.

I’m now at 16.15% profit.

Alternative investments

I call them investments, but they are more like speculative positions and with good reason. This quarter it continued to the climb but with high volatility. Because of this increased volatility, I report my crypto at the time of writing (22/04/2021). Funny enough, this is a similar level as at the end of March.
This quarter, I decided to have a and account next to my Coinbase account as the former have more options.

I’m thrilled with my choice so far since my cryptocurrency linked to, CRO, gave me nice gains, as you can see in the table below.

See the coins with 0.00? That means I withdrew my initial investment and have no risk attached to them anymore it also means I can’t calculate a percentage gain or loss as it’s pure profit.

Coinbase cryptocurrency account

Nr.Inception dateCoinCost BasisCurrent Value% Gain/Loss
1March 2018Bitcoin (BTC)342.04872.24155.01
2March 2018Etherium (ETH)95.12135.4542.40
3January 2021LiteCoin (LTC)86.3893.908.71
4September 2020Cardano (ADA)46.9538.84-17.27
5September 2020Compound (COMP)0.0036.09
6September 2020Maker (MKR)4.1433.04 698.07
7November 2020Stellar Lumens (XLM)0.0023.01
8November 2020Filecoin (FIL)0.0018.58  –
9January 2021Algorand (ALGO)5.0817.25 239.39
10January 2020Cosmos (ATOM)5.1616.08 211.63
11December 2020EOS (EOS)8.4415.4583.05
12December 2020Aave (AAVE)0.0010.67
13December 2020Celo (CGLD)10.277.04-31.45
14December 2020NuCypher (NU)1.480.70-52.70

Nr.Inception dateCoinCost BasisCurrent Value% Gain/Loss
1February (CRO)747.741,180.8157.92
2February 2021Cardano (ADA)53.0360.3113.73
3April 2021Binance (BNB)14.6112.12-17.04
4April 2021VeThor Token (VTHO)1.630.97-40.49
Euro (EUR)100.93100.93/

Savings accounts

Q1 marked the end of my first rental place. After my wife got pregnant and we knew the apartment in Brussels was going to be delayed, we realized we needed a bigger place. We found one in the form of my grandmother’s house.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, the 2nd savings account used for the warranty closed and we used part of the money to pay the final utility bill. The rest was deposited into our shared checking account.

As a result of this, I have one saving account less and also a bit less money put aside. But rest assured, it’ll come back very quickly. Q2 marks the start of our daughter’s saving and investment accounts.

Real estate portfolio

I know you can’t combine the cash I already put into the apartment and the mortgage since one is an asset and the other a liability, so I made two tables. One has my (growing) asset, the apartment.

The other table contains the liability, my mortgage, that I will pay off month by month.
Finally, a change will take place. As of April 2021, I will start paying off this mortgage.



Mr. FightToFIRE

I'm a developer for a major financial institution in Belgium that is present in over 40 countries. I have over 8 years of working experience in the development of customer applications focussing on all aspects of banking. This helped me gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of a commercial bank. All of this experience in both banking and life culminates in this blog about personal finance and my fight towards FIRE.

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Bad luck with Lemonade! I looked into the stock, I like the idea but not convinced about the numbers.
Hold on with Palantir, we are coming for you!

Congratulations on an AMAZING growth!

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