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Quarterly Portfolio Report - Growing Stack Of Coins

Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q4 2019

Last Updated on January 12, 2020 by Mr. FightToFIRE
Total portfolio worth (excl. mortgage)

The last quarter of 2019 continued where Q3 stopped, on a high note. The amazing experiences continued and the market kept performing stellar and kept making new highs.

It ended with an all-time high for my personal portfolio. An amazing performance of my personal portfolio almost always means a top-notch performance of my other managed portfolio as well. This quarter was no different as you will see.

Mortgage secured

Where in the third quarter I still had to find and sign the papers of a mortgage, in Q4 I actually secured one. I was able to get the 280,000 EUR mortgage at a rate of 1.47% with a total yearly cost Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 1.825%.

As promised, as of now I will have a separate section for my real estate.

I would like your opinion on how I should handle this big change in net worth.

How should I go about showing the mortgage and the inheritance?

Please help me and cast your vote in the poll below:

For my mortgage and inheritance I should...

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Declining Savings Rate

This last quarter also made clear that living on my own created a massive decline in my Savings Rate. I see it as a challenge to get as close as possible to my old SR before I moved out of my parents’ house.

Luckily, even with a declining SR and a focus on real estate, my net worth grew 8.71% this quarter.
This includes the money I set aside myself for my apartment but not the inheritance or the value of the apartment.

Quarter Amount (€) QoQ (%) QoQ (€)
18Q3 50,251.59
18Q4 56,811.63 +13.054 +6,560.04
19Q1 65,722.80 +15.68 +8,911.18
19Q2 76,618.85 +16.58 +10,896.05
19Q3 83,709.46 +9.25 +7,090.61
19Q4 91,002.34 +8.71 +7,292.88
Receiving the keys to our own home
Always a big moment, receiving the keys to your own place. Hopefully that is not too far away for me.

Personal portfolio overview

The recovery continued this quarter so my portfolio reached 16.82% which is solid increase of 7.55%.
I now have a total personal portfolio of 29,361.55 EUR (incl. cash).

This is all thanks to the continued bull market. All but three stocks are now in solid green.
I have some cash left: 49.53 EUR.

EUR stocks

Symbol Description Sector Quantity Close Price Cost Basis Current Value Unrealized Profit/Loss % Gain/Loss
Total 21,726.94 25,350.19 3623.25 16.68
AED AEDIFICA Real estate 22 113.40 1,676.74 2,494.80 818.06 48.79
COFB COFINIMMO Financials 10 132.80 1,131.10 1,328.00 196.90 17.41
C(S)E(M)US ISHARES MSCI EMU SML-C ACC ETF Broad 3 217.05 606.78 651.15 44.37 7.31
SXR1 ISHARES CORE MSCI PACIF X-JP ETF Broad 10 140.88 1,173.47 1,408.80 235.33 20.05
DX2J X MSCI EUROPE SMALL CAP ETF Broad 20 49.05 861.98 981.10 119.11  13.82
CSSX5E ISHARES CORE EURO STOXX 50 ETF Broad 3 122.00 311.57 366.00 54.43 17.47
HOMI HOME INVEST BELGIUM Financials 8 114.50 702.83 916.00 213.17 30.33
IUS3 ISHARES S&P SMALL CAP 600 Broad 40 61.07 2,268.46 2,442.80 174.34 7.69
KIN KINEPOLIS Consumer Cyclicals 25 59.20 1,356.70 1,480.00 123.31 9.09
RBOT ISHARES AUTOMATION&ROBOTIC-A ETF Broad 157 7.68 1,014.48 1,205.45 190.97 18.82
SBIO INVESCO NASDAQ BIOTECH ETF Broad 30 34.95 923.30 1,048.65 125.35 13.58
SOF SOFINA Diversified 5 194.60 732.53 973.00 240.47  32.83
SPYD SPDR US dividend aristocrats Broad 43 53.34 2042.13 2,293.62 251.49 12.32
SXR8 Ishares Core S&P500 UCITS Broad 14 288.69 3,366.92 4,041.66 674.74 20.04
UBI UBISOFT ENTERTAINMENT Technology 13 61.40 1,105.43 798.20 -307.23 -27.79
XLVS Source HLTH care S&P US SECT Broad 7 417.28 2,452.53 2,920.96 468.43 19.10

USD stocks

The below table contains my stocks denominated in USD. Since the currency rate fluctuates daily, it impacts the total portfolio wealth counter. To keep it simple I will use the rate applicable at the time of writing every quarter (give or take a day). You can find the rate used at the top of this page.

All my stocks, so also my dollar ones, made great profits!
Coming from -11,27% I made a huge increase 8.69%. In other words I gained 11.27 + 8.69 = 19.96%.

Symbol Description Sector Quantity Close Price Cost Basis Current Value Unrealized Profit/Loss % Gain/Loss
Total 4073.19 4427.27 354.08 8.69
BABA Alibaba Group Holding Communications 5 215.47 832.89 1077.35 244.46 29.35
CSKR ISHARES MSCI KOREA USD ACC Broad 5 155.90 887.58 779.50 -108.08 -12.18
IBB ISHARES NASDAQ BIOTECHNOLOGY Broad 5 121.56 518.34 607.80 89.46 17.26
IEMA ISHARES MSCI Emerging Markets ACC Broad 28 36.26 1030.58 1,015.14 -15.44 -1.50
NVDA NVIDIA CORP Technology 4 236.87 803.81 947.48 -143.67  17.87

Actively managed portfolio

The Beobank managed funds kept up with my personal portfolio and had a nice growth spurt as well.
The previous return was 15.29% which has grown to 19.81%. I got a small 4.52% gain this quarter.

Pension fund

As with my other portfolios, the pension fund grew as well.

Important with this portfolio is that I stopped the automatic deposit. I will not add to this account and most likely will leave it alone as of now. I’d even dare to say that I will let it alone till my retirement.

Anyhow, it went from 7.63% to 11.523%. In other words, a growth of 10.895 – 7.63 = 3.893%.

Alternative investments

I call them investments but they are more like speculative positions. This is with good reason. This quarter was full of ups and downs.
I took this as a calculated risk (especially the cryptocurrency one) expecting to reap the benefits in the longer term but for now it’s not going anywhere.

Coinbase cryptocurrency account

My crypto wallet dropped once again. The profit made last quarter is gone again and still in red. I received a 3% decrease.

Nr. Inception date Coin Cost Basis Current Value % Gain/Loss
480.15 198.18 -58.73
1 March 2018 Bitcoin 123.09 118.05 -3.28
2 March 2018 Litecoin 357.06 80.13 -77.55

Savings accounts

All the money I saved in this last quarter was put into the apartment. I did receive a bit of interest in my savings account, so now I have 2,517.86 EUR as an emergency fund. I’d like to top this up again now that I signed the mortgage contract.

Real estate portfolio

The next steps were made in December by signing the mortgage contract. this also means there is no way back anymore. As I talked about in the past, I already secured 17,625 EUR which goes straight towards to the property. On top of that I now saved an additional 8,000 EUR.

A big change compared to last quarter is that with the finalization of the mortgage, I can now also incl. the already secured 100,000 EUR into my net worth which brings the total for this account to 125,625 EUR or 25,625 EUR.

But the question is, should I? Or should I keep it out of my net worth to show what I saved myself and what I inherited?

Personal achiements

When it comes to my personal achievements I dedicated a seperate post about that, so I will refrain from writing too much extra. Let us just say, that it didn’t go quite as planned.

Some may notice that I didn’t increase (~7,200 EUR) as much as I deposited (8,000 EUR). The reason is simple: I still have some cash that I withdrew from my Forex account (~4,000 EUR) in my checkings account in case of major expenses like the last minute flight to my GF’s home country.

As I’m writing this my portfolio has changed a little bit and the markets keep going up. I’m now just a few euro away from reaching 30,000 EUR. I will soon talk more about this.

I'm a developer for a major financial institution in Belgium that is present in over 40 countries. I have over 8 years of working experience in the development of customer applications focussing on all aspects of banking. This helped me gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of a commercial bank. All of this experience in both banking and life culminates in this blog about personal finance and my fight towards FIRE.

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