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Quarterly Portfolio Report - Growing Stack Of Coins

Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q3 2018

Last Updated on December 30, 2018 by Mr. FightToFIRE

USD rate used: 1 USD = 0.869303 EUR

Total portfolio worth

My first quarterly report, how exciting!
I want to make this moment, end of September and end of Q3 2018, as the official start of my public reports.
This first overview is a little different. It isn’t a quarterly report with a comparison to the latest version since I just started with this blog.

From now on, the posts that will, as their name suggests, appear every quarter, will be updates of all my major investments and savings.
In case of a big windfall, I will create a separate post with more detailed information.

To make it easier for you, I have a separate menu item with my latest portfolio status. In due time this page will contain a timeline with all my quarterly report posts.

This quarterly portfolio updates’ structure is the same as the “The portfolio” page. It should be easier for you to find everything and see how the investments have changed.

Personal portfolio overview

EUR stocks

SymbolDescriptionSectorQuantityClose priceCost basisValueUnrealized profit% Gain
AEDAedificaReal estate4097.303,412.233,892.00479.7714.0600
AED.CASHAedifica Cash dividend placeholderReal estate402.4897.2799.201.931.98
SXR8Ishares Core S&P500 UCITSBroad20274.054,856.995,481.00624.0112.848
SPYD (USDV)SPDR US dividend aristocratsBroad6544,593,067.952,898.35-169.60-5.528
XLVSSource HLTH care S&P US SECTBroad5403.711,767.712,018.55250.842.327
CSEMUSISHARES MSCI EMU SML-C ACC ETFBroad3217.05606.78651.1544.377.31
SXRGISHARES MSCI US SML CAP ACCBroad10276.102,508.002,761.00253.0010.088
SXR1 (/CPXJ)ISHARES CORE MSCI PACIF X-JP ETFBroad15121.441,870.301,821.60-48.70-2.603
CSSX5EISHARES CORE EURO STOXX 50 ETFBroad10106.041,091.291,060.40-30.89-2.831
DX2JX MSCI EUROPE SMALL CAP ETFBroad5040.971,766.062,048.50282.4415.992
HOMIHOME INVEST BELGIUMFinancials8117.50702.83940.00237.1733.745
IUS3ISHARES S&P SMALL CAP 600Broad10049.105,369.042,442.80-459.05-8.55
KINKINEPOLISConsumer Cyclicals10040.254,301.634,025.00-276.63-6.431
RBOTISHARES AUTOMATION&ROBOTIC-A ETFBroad2907.681,766.172,228.65462.4826.185
SBIOINVESCO NASDAQ BIOTECH ETFBroad6038.582,054.452,314.80260.3512.672
UBIUBISOFT ENTERTAINMENTTechnology2073.401,543.861,468.00-75.86-4.913

USD stocks

The below table contains my stocks denominated in USD. Since the currency rate fluctuates daily, it impacts the total portfolio wealth counter.
To keep it simple I will use the rate applicable at the time of writing every quarter (give or take a day). You can find the rate used at the top of this page.

SymbolDescriptionSectorQuantityClose priceCost basisValueUnrealized profit% Gain
BABAAlibaba Group HoldingCommunications5215.47832.891,078.50245.6129.488
CSKRISHARES MSCI KOREA USD ACCBroad10144.681,528.341,446.80-81.54-5.335
IBBISHARES NASDAQ BIOTECHNOLOGYBroad5132.61541.88663.05121.1722.361
IEMAISHARES MSCI Emerging Markets ACCBroad2832.331,030.58905.10-125.48-12.175
NVDANVIDIA CORPTechnology13379.913131.894938.821806.9457.694

Actively managed portfolio

This portfolio is managed by a small French retail bank, Beobank, that offers a good deal of quality funds.
My main goal for this portfolio is to see how my personal portfolio fairs against the mix active funds recommended by the bank.

Pension fund

Alternative investments

I call them investments but they are more like speculative positions.
I take a calculated risk with these (especially the cryptocurrency one) expecting to reap the benefits in the longer term.

Forex managed account

Nr.Inception DateDescriptionClose balancestarting balance% gain(/loss)
1January 2016Actively managed forex account5080.7113825.15-63.25

Coinbase cryptocurrency account

Nr.Inception dateCoinCost baseCurrent value% gain(/loss)
1March 2018Bitcoin123.0993.17-24,31
2March 2018Litecoin357.06104.78-70.65

Savings accounts

I have two different type of savings accounts. One has a monthly deposit limit with a high-interest rate, the other one has a low-interest rate but is not limited in the amount I can deposit.

Personal achiements

Besides my financial achievements every quarter, I’ll also do an update on the goals I set for myself on a personal level.

You may have noticed that I already created a milestone for 50 clean push-ups.

I’m happy to say that after focusing two – three weeks on improving my push-up, I progressed from 25 to 35 in one set and with clean form.
Only 15 more to go.

I'm a developer for a major financial institution in Belgium that is present in over 40 countries. I have over 8 years of working experience in the development of customer applications focussing on all aspects of banking. This helped me gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of a commercial bank. All of this experience in both banking and life culminates in this blog about personal finance and my fight towards FIRE.

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