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Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q2 2019

Quarterly Portfolio Report – Q2 2019

Post Series: Quarterly Portfolio Report

USD rate used: 1 USD = 0.8795 EUR

Total portfolio worth

The second quarter of 2019 is coming to a close. It’s been an interesting ride. All of my (trading) accounts had a dip in May but quickly recovered to levels close to the end of the previous quarter, thanks to the 7,000 EUR deposit I made. Thanks to this, I have another nice net worth increase. Finally, my journey towards my own home is picking up speed and I will elaborate more on it soon! Look forward to that.

Let’s have a look at what I’ve gained this last quarter.

As mentioned, my net worth increased again compared to the last quarter. My ETF’s perform well, but my individual stocks lost a bit.  Luckily my (small) cryptocurrency wallet almost completely recovered and my forex account also made a nice recovery. Unfortunately, the account has a large drawdown (DD) so it’s possible that in my next quarter I will be lower again. Time will tell!

Thanks to all of the above, I can look at a net worth growth of 16% this quarter.
To be clear, this includes deposits but not my debit account.

Quarter Amount (€) QoQ (%) QoQ (€)
18Q3 50,251.59
18Q4 56,811.63 +13.054 +6,560.04
19Q1 65,722.80 +15.68 +8,911.18
19Q2 76,618.85 +16.58 +10,896.05
Money saving, Hand putting coin in glass jar with coins inside For now and future money. Concept of saving money for future.
Money saving for the future.

Personal portfolio overview

EUR stocks

Thanks to a good recovery in May, my portfolio reached 1.195% which is a slight drop from 2,14%.
I now have a total personal portfolio of 25,298.73 EUR (incl. cash).

This is in part thanks to the new deposit of 7,000 EUR and new stock and share purchases. In the end, I left 57.63 EUR in cash.

Symbol Description Sector Quantity Close Price Cost Basis Current Value Unrealized Profit/Loss % Gain/Loss
Total 21,658.70 22,174.05 515.354 2.38
AED AEDIFICA Real estate 22 83,90 1676.74 1845.80 169.06 10,08
AED.DIV AEDIFICA – unlisted coupon Real estate 20 2.38 46.77 47.60 0.83 1.77
COFB COFINIMMO Financials 10 114.20 1131.10 1142.00 10.90 0.96
CSEMUS ISHARES MSCI EMU SML-C ACC ETF Broad 3 196.38 606.78 589.14 -17.64 -2.91
SXR1 ISHARES CORE MSCI PACIF X-JP ETF Broad 10 137.42 1173.47 1374.20 200.73 17.11
DX2J X MSCI EUROPE SMALL CAP ETF Broad 20 42.81 861.98 856.20 -5.79  -0.67
CSSX5E ISHARES CORE EURO STOXX 50 ETF Broad 3 111.58 311.57 334.74 23.17 7.44
HOMI HOME INVEST BELGIUM Financials 8 99.00 702.83 792.00 89.17 12.69
IUS3 ISHARES S&P SMALL CAP 600 Broad 40 55.97 2268.46 2238.80 -29.66 -1.31
KIN KINEPOLIS Consumer Cyclicals 25 48.00 1356.70 1200 -156.69 -11.55
RBOT ISHARES AUTOMATION&ROBOTIC-A ETF Broad 157 6.64 1014.48 1042.48 28.00 2.76
SBIO INVESCO NASDAQ BIOTECH ETF Broad 30 30.43 923.30 912.90 -10.40 -1.13
SOF SOFINA Diversified 5 167.60 732.53 838 105.47 14.40
SPYD SPDR US dividend aristocrats Broad 43 48.79 2042.13 2097.97 55.84 2.73
SXR8 Ishares Core S&P500 UCITS Broad 14 254.16 3366.92 3558.24 191.32 5.68
UBI UBISOFT ENTERTAINMENT Technology 11 68.84 990.41 757.24 -233.17 -23.54
XLVS Source HLTH care S&P US SECT Broad 7 363.82 2452.53 2546.74 94.21 3.84

USD stocks

The below table contains my stocks denominated in USD. Since the currency rate fluctuates daily, it impacts the total portfolio wealth counter. To keep it simple I will use the rate applicable at the time of writing every quarter (give or take a day). You can find the rate used at the top of this page.

Just like my euro stocks this quarter, my dollar-based stocks recovered nicely though they are still in red.
Coming from -19,88% I made a strong recover to -5.32%. In other words I gained 19.88 – 5.32 = 14,56%.

Symbol Description Sector Quantity Close Price Cost Basis Current Value Unrealized Profit/Loss % Gain/Loss
Total 4073.19 3710.93 -362.27 -8.89
BABA Alibaba Group Holding Communications 5 169.45 832.89 847.25 14.36 1.72
CSKR ISHARES MSCI KOREA USD ACC Broad 5 143.70 887.58 718.50 -169.08 -19.05
IBB ISHARES NASDAQ BIOTECHNOLOGY Broad 5 109.10 518.34 545.50 27.16 5.24
IEMA ISHARES MSCI Emerging Markets ACC Broad 28 33.67 1030.58 942.76 -87.82 -8.52
NVDA NVIDIA CORP Technology 4 164.23 803.81 656.92 -146.89 -18.27

Actively managed portfolio

My portfolio at Beobank containing actively managed funds keeps growing at a steady pace.
The previous return was 10.27% and thanks to a strong Q2, I reached 13.09%. So, a nice 2.82% gain this quarter.

Important to note is that I had 421.03 EUR in cash remaining on this account and I withdrew that to my checkings account. Since I didn’t count this as an expense it, of course, won’t be countered by taking it back as an income. It will have a minimal impact on my net portfolio worth.

Pension fund

As with my other portfolios, the pension fund recovered a bit as well.
From a 3.58% to 6.62%. In other words, a growth of 6.62 – 3.58 = 3.04%.

Alternative investments

I call them investments but they are more like speculative positions.
I take a calculated risk with these (especially the cryptocurrency one) expecting to reap the benefits in the longer term but most likely lose it all at one point.

Forex managed account

The forex account had another good run this quarter! The loss got further reduced by 3 940,39 EUR to 9020.51 EUR (coming from 5080.12 EUR). Hopefully, we can continue this positive trend in Q3, but I have a large running DD so we’ll see in 3 months how things turn out.

Nr. Inception Date Description Current Value Cost Basis % Gain/Loss
1 January 2016 Actively managed forex account 9020.51 13825.15 -34.75

Coinbase cryptocurrency account

My crypto wallet really did continue it’s recovery this quarter. What I didn’t notice till now was that I’m actually in profit with my Bitcoins! I bought them on 15 February 2018 at €7,992.73/BTC and the current rate on 30 June 2019 is €10,352.68/BTC.

Nr. Inception date Coin Cost Basis Current Value % Gain/Loss
480.15 407.44 -15.14
1 March 2018 Bitcoin 123.09 170.14 38.22
2 March 2018 Litecoin 357.06 237.44 -33.54

Savings accounts

Nothing changed here but not for long. In Q3 I will probably have to move my 10,000 in savings to my checkings account for my own home. I recovered a whopping 239.5 EUR.

Personal achiements

Total portfolio deposits

This quarter I achieved one milestone. By topping up my Lynx trading account with another 7,000 EUR I reached 100% of my target portfolio deposit amount, i.e. 12,500 EUR.

Average Savings Rate Target

My SR over the last three months was very good and I was able to achieve an average SR of 80.99%. I’m aiming for an average SR of 75% in 2019 and after 6 months I sit at 64,151%.

Dividend Payout

Thanks to the extra shares and the dividend heavy month of May I already received 83.88 EUR in dividends. I’m now 58.06% removed from my target which is 200 EUR by the end of 2019.

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